Collect Leads From Your Facebook Group On 100% Autopilot

Are you the admin of a facebook group?

How would you like to collect the email addresses of your group members on complete autopilot?

Well there is a very easy method to do that.

It’s called Group Leads and it’s very easy to set up.

You just set up a few questions for new Facebook Group Members to answer and have one of the questions asking for their email address.  I have used this to add thousands of prospects to my email autoresponder (Get Response) automatically, although Group Leads can be used with just about any email autoresponder service.

As soon as you have set it up it will automatically add new facebook members’ email addresses to the email list of you choice as well as sending them and welcome message and adding them to a welcome post.

You will then be able to grow you email list of prospects automatically!

You can also have it set-up to decline certain members from joining based on certain keywords they may use in their answers to the questions you have set.

Click below to check it out…

How to Convert New Facebook Group Members into Leads